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Why CCI for Career and Technical Schools?

Why CCI for Career and Technical Schools?

CCI’s team is dedicated to providing “How To” curriculum and support materials to produce entry-level collision technicians. Our focus is to help Career & Technical schools graduate skilled technicians ready for immediate employment. CCI’s curriculum methodology is proven for teaching the skills required by the industry. The CCI Program helps training institutions teach six basic entry-level skills: Disassembly/ Reassembly; Minor Dent Repair; Plastic Repair; Bolt-On Parts Replacement; Paint Preparation; and, Automotive Detailing. 

CCI online curriculum provides detailed lesson plans that include presentations, “How To” videos, textbooks, digital handouts, quizzes, and skills assessments. CCI’s Student Skills-Tracker Workbook documents student progress, producing graduates with verifiable skills the collision repair industry demands today. Educators are provided with a companion CCI Instructor Guide to support the Student Workbook. The Educator is shown “How To” teach each assignment, reducing the amount of prep time an Educator must do before each class. The Instructor Guide also contains completed samples for all Student assignments, offering a complete answer key for Educators.

Goals of CCI Program

The program for schools focuses on six basic skills through repetitions designed to instill competency that becomes second nature for students. CCI provides detailed learning paths for the body technician, paint technician and repair planner. CCI utilizes proven teaching methodology to deliver real world original content, enhanced with the I-CAR Professional Development Program, Education Edition Curriculum. Successful repetitions of each skill is required to earn CCI Skill Certification ensuring students have the skills needed to perform meaningful work on day one of employment.

 CCI’s online courses are built in the Canvas LMS. It is acclaimed as the most widely used academic learning management system that is user-friendly and easy to learn. The online content is modular in design, to be flexible with various academic calendars. CCI “How To” processes are easy to follow and provide step-by-step direction for Educators allowing them to focus on skills transfer. CCI online courses, supplemented with the CCI Instructor Guide and Student Skills-Tracker Workbook, provide the detail needed for students to develop the six basic skills.

What Makes CCI Different?

CCI provides exclusive Skills Posters for each course to track the student's progress, and Educator "Tips & Tricks" for teaching and learning. A list of all necessary safety equipment, plus the tools and materials needed to perform each task are provided. Each section of the Workbook defines the process for learning each skill and provides a Standard Operating Procedure to follow. QR codes are embedded in the Workbook directing students to tutorial videos. Students learn the process, complete a "Repair Plan", and once approved by the Educator, proceed to do the tasks necessary to develop the skill. These Repair Plans are logged in the Skills-Tracker Workbook by the student and documented online into a digital Portfolio of Work. Students use their portfolios during job interviews to show they not only have the knowledge to do the job but the skillset.

CCI’s Collision Repair Curriculum for Career and Technical Schools

Students at any Career and Technology Education (CTE) school can now be trained as entry-level technicians, painters, and estimators the industry demands. CCI utilizes the I-CAR PDP Education Edition Curriculum and the Canvas Learning Management System to provide easy to use and well laid out lesson plans for Educators. The CCI Program helps schools focus on the six most-desired entry-level skills defined by the collision repair industry. 

Each of the three organizations cited has identified the skills the collision repair industry demands for entry-level technicians. CREF–Collision Repair Education Foundation, I-CAR, and the Collision Industry Conference Talent & Education Committee say those skills are:
1. Disassembly / Reassembly
2. Minor Dent Repair
3. Plastic Repair
4. Bolt-On Parts Replacement
5. Paint Preparation
6. Automotive Detailing

All training support materials are provided online by CCI, complimented by a Skills-Tracker Workbook for learners. Student content is accessible with a Smartphone. Students utilize the CCI Skills-Tracker Workbook and follow directions from their teacher to learn each new skill; review a Standard Operation Procedure for the skill; watch how-to videos in the online courses, or by scanning the QR Codes in the Workbook; and document with photos them doing the work, successfully completing each skill. This documentation is specific to each student, verified by the Educator, verified by CCI, and available for presentation to a potential employer as skills assessments, Portfolio of Work, Skills Certificates, and course transcripts. 

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